U.S. Economy Adds 292,000 Jobs In December, Unemployment Steady At 5%

The numbers are great, yet stagnant wages remains a big problem which is why we need to simultaneously continue pushing for living wages, petitioning the Fed to fulfill their secondary mandate which is full employment and requiring corporations to stop pursuing stock buyback policies and instead reinvest in their employees and companies. This is still an employer market which translates into poor wage policy, potential employees are desperate and Republican policies have aggravated their distress by cutting our social programs such as unemployment insurance. We can’t think that we can continue to keep our economic engine healthy if we don’t keep our workers/consumers economically healthy as well. The wealthy can’t keep us afloat on their own, it is all about the middle class and if the Republican Party hasn’t noticed, the middle class no longer makes up the majority, we have lost that much ground, we are less than 49% of the population, we have been downsized to working poor, one disaster away from serious economic uncertainty. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who address this very real problem and the only one who had proposed real solutions. He is our best hope for the White House. #Bernie2016

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