Anderson Cooper Isn’t Sure Gun Conspiracy Kooks Don’t Have A Point

I used to like Anderson Cooper when he was younger, but he has grown into a big disappointment. He has gone conservative and close-minded, at least he seems so from his line of questioning here and during his tour at moderating, his questions only serve to generate stupid controversies rather then open up veins of challenging ideas. I once again have to commend our President, his ability to maintain his calm and equilibrium in the presence of such vapidity astounds me. I mean when one breaks down the President’s executive, it is only fine tuning existing law, perhaps the only new course of action is the coordination between mental health services and background checks, but aren’t these measures necessary for public safety? I am so tired of reporters trying to scare us with story after story of the threat of far away terrorism. We have a huge problem with gun violence and instead of reporting responsibly, reporters like Anderson Cooper only talk about conspiracy theories and second amendment rights, deliberately ignoring our most fundamental right of all, the right to life. Thank goodness for President Obama and his executive order. 
Read the article:


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