How The Supreme Court Could Crush Public-Sector Unions

I despise this Supreme Court as it is currently ideologically constructed, conservatively dominated, their 5-4 in favor of the Conservative party, rulings have all been disastrous for our democracy and now it could very well rule against fair share fees which would lead to further deterioration of the fiscal wellbeing of public sector unions. Ordinary people have to wonder why their wages have remained stagnant, while the executive suite has done extraordinarily well despite the Great Recession, why aren’t they wondering and why aren’t they connecting the dots between wealth inequality and weak union presence? I don’t even understand how the public school teachers who brought the suit in the first place, don’t understand that even if they disagree with the negotiation outcomes, they are still in a better position negotiating from a position of strength then to throw it all out the window because your position isn’t in alignment with the majority. Unions, like any large organization, has its warts, but that doesn’t mean that the entire concept is faulty, those who come into a contract from the lowest bar cannot defend themselves or stand up for themselves against those who have the monetary leverage and power within their grasp. This should be obvious to everyone. I do not trust the five conservatives to back the public sector unions on this issue, those public school teachers who brought the lawsuit to bear have put the public sector unions at a grave disadvantage. I hope I am wrong and the unions will prevail because the employees cannot afford more weakness, they are already too weak when it comes to asking for better wages and better benefits, we are fighting a losing battle because at each turn corporate America is outmaneuvering its workers with for example wage theft and employee misclassification, instead of being called an employee they are labeled as subcontractors, that mislabeling has saved corporations millions of dollars while penalizing the workers by making them cover all of their own benefits and payroll taxes. The American worker cannot succeed if they are thwarted at each and every turn. We have to elect Bernie Sanders, he will fight for us. #Bernie2016   
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