The Big Short and Bernie’s Plan to Bust Up Wall Street

Why doesn’t the fact that it only took about 9 years after former President Bill Clinton repealed Glass-Steagal for Wall Street to blow up the global economy not register with more people? In my mind, 9 short years is proof enough to show the world that Glass-Steagal was one of our best laws ever devised, it did exactly what it was meant to do without issue. I don’t have the trust necessary to vote for Hillary Clinton, she is too center right for my taste. I am voting for Bernie Sanders because I know he sees Wall Street’s irresponsibility and deceptiveness as clear as day and he is prepared to do what is necessary to rein them in from their own excesses. He sees greed as the disaster towards society we are currently living and he aims to drive greed out of our democracy. I don’t believe he is anti-wealthy, instead he is anti-coddling the high and mighty, he only wants them to pay their fair share, nothing else in terms of taxes. We need to get our society alive again with hope and opportunity and treating the tax code as Bernie Sanders would recommend, would allow possibility and opportunity to reign again. Isn’t that something worthwhile to fight for? Let’s all join the fight/#Bernie2106
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