Where Economic Distress Meets Political Dysfunction

If we look at the almost total media blackout against Bernie, this is as much proof positive that the powers that be are quite afraid of the man of the people. If you want to find out about Bernie, you need to go on the Internet and do your own research because the mainstream media is either completely dismissive of him or doesn’t acknowledge him at all. Bernie reminds me of a combination Theodore Roosevelt and Frankling Delano Roosevelt with a sprinkling of Eleanore as well. What I think set these three members of the Roosevelt family apart and what also sets Bernie apart lies in their real world experience with the common man. Teddy Roosevelt was massively influenced by his time as police commissioner of New York City as well as his time in the New York State senate, while F.D.R grew enormously as a man and a statesman during his time in Tennessee going through treatments for his courageous battle against the ravages of polio, Eleanor had her own battles, her childhood was sad, lonely and emotionally cold, it built in her enormous reservoirs of empathy and compassion that she graciously endeavored to bestow on the neediest. Bernie Sanders being one of the few non millionaires knows the story of the common man. He understands their struggles and refuses to join the ranks of the rest of congress in terms of wealth and power. Bernie Sanders wants to do as the Roosevelt’s did, serve the people and make a significant difference in their lives.
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