Sanders Versus Trump, Revisited

I believe a Bernie Sanders versus Trump campaign would be a serious test of American values and democracy in general. Donald Trump is running as a Republican, he believes that the American worker is paid too much and Corporate America aren’t getting enough tax breaks, he is practically paving the way in gold for his class to really takeover our democracy. If Trump succeeds in his candidacy, he will have laid the final nail in our democracy’s coffin. We will no longer be a government for the people, of the people and for the people. We will most likely be a nation under corporate control and corporate greed with a very disenfranchized population desperately fighting for every morsel, is that how we really want our nation to be remembered as, a nation that was once great? I can’t think of anything that Donald Trump has touched where I looked and said “that is something worthwhile, that is something I believe in”. Now Bernie Sanders, he is a different story, when I look over his career starting as mayor, then as congress man and through to senator, I view his accomplishments with respect. Bernie Sanders to the best of my knowledge is a man of integrity, a man of compassion and a man of conviction without a greedy bone in his body. I want Bernie Sanders to be the next man to occupy our White House, I want him to continue the work our current President started and finish it in a very big way. I want Bernie Sanders to fulfill his promise to us and get our political revolution on the map.
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