The Obama Administration Just Hired One Of Its Biggest Critics

What a wonderful appointment! We are always best served when whistle blowers work for us as well as regulators. I believe we have been ill served at the F.D.A, what with the preponderous of regulators working for their old employer Monsanto, instead of the people who are in need of their services. We have had too many departments with foxes installed to guard the hens and our nation has suffered for it. I understand that we want experts as regulators, but I would rather have experts from the academic world over their real-world experience at the very enterprises the Federal Agency is supposed to police. I believe if we paid our federal employees a better wage, I am not talking about congress, I am talking about the people charged with using their expertise to keep our corporations on the up and up, we would have better outcomes, we would get a better caliber of personnel dedicated to doing their job instead of being lured away by corporate money. All of this is linked to the golden revolving door that has linked K Street to Wall Street to the Pentagon and to congress and other agencies, we need to dismantle it and find more organic ways to staff our government. I believe Bernie Sanders would be on board with this endeavor, I know for a fact that every other candidate will do nothing in this matter. This is a very good reason to vote Bernie Sanders. #Bernie2016
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