Obama Just Did His Last State Of The Union. Will The GOP Miss Him At All?

What are the Republicans going to do when we elect Bernie Sanders as President? How long before they look back on the Obama presidency as the good old days, the way they did for former Presdent Bill Clinton when President Obama was first elected. LOL I am so looking forward to Bernie Sanders winning the 2016 election, he will do what our President failed to do, he will keep the groundswell alive, way past the polling tables are folded and put away. He will stop looking for bipartisanship, he will be looking for solutions and progress, he will follow the path of Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt in being a strong leader, looking for advisors and cabinet members who are forthright and strong, able to remind Bernie why he is in the Oval Office and keep him grounded. I am very excited over his first 100 days in office. I may be a little hasty, but Hillary Clinton doesn’t fill me with confidence, she isn’t bold when she offers her proposals, she seems tentative and we can’t afford tentative, we need to go bold or go home. Bernie is going bold and big and I am going to stand by him.  
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