President Obama, Please Come to Flint

I fervently hope President Obama answers your letter Michale Moore, in person, if only to show the people of Flint Michigan that they will be heard and they matter. I would think that the Department of Justice must have the jurisdiction to pursue criminal investigations against the Governor of Michigan and his advisors, the Governor clearly violated his oath to serve and protect the people of Michigan. I would also add that this is clearly an example of rampant racism, structural and institutional, because by instituting financial Marshall law, the predominantly African American population lost their rights as citizens and residents to have their community managed as they had voted, instead they were subjected to an archaic form of economic domination like the Sheriff of Nottingham but without their own Robin Hood. Perhaps President Obama can appoint a “Robin Hood” to swoop in and salvage the day at the very least, because it may be too late to save the day, lead poisoning is no laughing matter, it often leads to fatal outcomes and if not fatal then very debilitating. Justice must prevail for the good people of Flint Michigan and we must abandon any notion that austerity economic policies are ever the answer, it puts too many innocent lives at risk. We should never have to weigh money against healthy water, health air or healthy soil, we just can’t. Money is arbitrary, a manmade construct and subjective, whereas water, soil and air are not, they are constants in our lives, we cannot live without them and we need to learn to order our society to better serve us in that regard. That is why I am voting for Bernie Sanders, he has his priorities in order and that is why I want him in the White House. #Bernie2016.    
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