Bernie Sanders Backs Bill That Would Undo A Gun Law He Voted For

I appreciate Bernie Sander’s committment to the small gun manufacturers in his home state, Vermont is a huge hunting state, I also appreciate his diligence when it comes to the fine print and unforeseen consequences of legislation. Moreover I really appreciate Sanders meeting with the parents who brought the lawsuit against an ammo dealer, he bravely witnessed firsthand the negative consequences of his vote, how many other legislators are willing to do that? I have never minded a legislator’s evolution on issues, no one is perfect and our understanding of ideas and cause and effect can and should be open to new interpretations and new facts. I believe that Bernie Sanders has such a long track record, he has clearly stood by his principles while also being flexible enough to see when he has needed to adjust his way of thinking, I would almost like to thank Hillary Clinton for helping him see the light when it comes to having gun manufactures be held to a certain standard. I know for a fact that Bernie Sanders has never let the N.R.A guide his vote, he has always had the people’s needs be his guiding light. Hillary Clinton is searching for his Achilles heel and this in my opinion isn’t it.
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