Honor Dr. King By Rejecting Violence in All Its Forms

I would hate to have Martin Luther King Jr be around today to witness the tragedy of black civilian deaths by police shootings, would his wisdom be enough to change the lack of dialogue, the inaction and the almost criminal acceptance by our congress, I’m not sure. Travis Smiley was on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah speaking about his updated book “Covenant with Black America” he spoke to the injustice of black men shootings at police’s hands, he spoke of the injustice of public school educational inequities between the African American communities and other communities, how much more they have lost across the board in the ten years since his book had first come out. If Martin Luther King Jr were alive today, I would imagine that even he would be hard pressed to find answers and solutions in all of this mess, but especially the escalation of gun violence, not necessarily criminal in nature, but more along the lines of horrendous police decision making and profiling and misplaced fear and insecurities coupled with a total lack of common sense in gun ownership. I wish a crystal ball existed to give us the possibility of a Martin Luther King Jr speech when the Newtown mass shooting had happened, would his oratorical prowess have been enough to sway our congress to stand up to the N.R.A and its deep pockets? Am I being too simplistic? I believe that Bernie Sanders deeply honors Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy and values. He is the man I will vote for come my state’s primary and hopefully later on in the general election. I think Martin Luther King Jr would be proud to stand by Bernie Sanders.#Bernie2016
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