Flint Water Response Perfectly Captures The Difference Between Bernie Sanders And Hillary Clint

I believe that the crux of the difference between Sanders and Clinton, as highlighted by the Flint Michagan Republican austerity policy decision making disaster, is that Clinton supporters want her seemingly pragmatic and methodical way of doing things whereas Sanders supported support his big and bold methods. My fear with Hillary Clinton is that we already have so many pragmatic and methodical democrats in power, our President is very pragmatic and as many of us can attest, the economic recovery has not descended to the masses yet, we are still a society fueled by ridiculous amounts of private debt, we have a crumbling infrastructural deficit nationwide and our trade deficit is staggeringly huge. I don’t believe that pragmatism is enough anymore, we have got to go big or go home. The experts such as Paul Krugman are pooh-poohing Bernie Sanders healthcare plans saying that his ideas are not feasible or practical, but I say it is possible and we would be doing so much better for it. The residents of Flint Michigan will be taken care of, but Bernie Sanders is right that the Governor of Michigan needs to step down, his actions led to direct criminal behavior, there is no other way around it. The entire state of Michigan should be considered a state of emergency with new elections being put in effect, replacing the pipes in Flint Michigan with copper piping and then getting them back on treated water, water should be a right and not a privilege. Poor people are not throw away people, they count as much as rich people do, and unless we band together as a nation to support the people of Flint Michigan, we can all be subject to this type of austerity policy, especially if candidates such as Ted Cruz, Marc Rubio or Donal Trump become elected. #Bernie2016 
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