Mitch McConnell Freaks At Obama’s Latest Idea

The Supreme Court had explicitly instructed congress to do their job and write legislation to regulate campaign financial back in 2010 and one would think that the Republican Party would or could be shamed into acting according to their purview, but apparently not and it is the American people who suffer for it. When corporations siphon money, however they want into political campaigns, it diminishes the power of the vote because money, without regulatory oversight, can be moved and used however corporations and political operatives deem fit, and people are at a factual and intellectual disadvantage. McConnell has been the linchpin of Republican obstructionism since last January of 2008, he instructed his entire caucus to make sure that every single move President Obama made would be either moot or impossible and it is only to the sheer tenacity and brilliant maneuvering that President Obama was able to overcome. I dislike the Republican Party a lot because they intentionally spent over seven years trying to make our lives more difficult. This is just the latest case, I am sick of it.
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