Michigan Governor Throws Government Workers Under The Bus For Flint Disaster

The criminality of what happened to Flint Michigan must be dissected and reviewed numerous times to make sure that we have indeed learned our lessons in terms of community and resource management. My first inclination is to blame the knee jerk readiness to privatize everything in society, my second impulse is to assign blame on the austerity provoking response of “fiscal emergency managers” who take all power and accountability away from communities and demand action only in as far as it cuts costs without regard for consequences to public health. I am not sure how much due diligence was done between the transfer of water usage between the water from Detroit and the Flint River, but it seems to me that there were glaring issues, but who was at the helm at that moment, the experts or the fiscal emergency managers? The global underlying issue in this matter is the minute you have poverty, minorities or not, poverty is the real issue, you have a lackadaisical response because those poverty stricken people do not have as much of a voice or importance as the wealthier seem to have. This lesson is one of the most important that needs to be remembered, poverty should not diminish your most basic rights, it just shouldn’t.
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