What Trader Joe’s Can Teach Us About Treating Workers Well

I normally never shop at Trader Joe’s because they aren’t local to my area, but I went to one with my mother in New York and I was instantly struck at how friendly the workers were, either behind the register or stocking shelves, it reminded me of the ambience at Costco, another company who treats its employees well, the Container Store is yet another company who believes in treating their employees with value and thereby getting even more loyalty and hard work than if they did otherwise. People tend to be loyal and an employee who is well treated and well paid will provide you with exemplary work far surpassing the cost of employment. I believe that most companies are extremely shortsighted, not only in terms of management, but also in terms of resource management, customer service and product or service development. Most of the companies in this nation have lost their way, all in the chase of profit and short term gains, more or less shooting themselves in the foot in the long term, which is not the way you want to position yourself in a highly competitive global market. Sometimes going back to the old ways is precisely the way to get into a new market, it calls to mind nostalgia and a return to the civilized way of doing things, ways of doing things foreign to the younger generations, thereby generating a mystique and an allure, great marketing techniques that will generate newer consumers, which is the ultimate goal for any company. I only wish that companies like Trader Joe’s weren’t in such short supply.
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