Bernie Sanders Struggles To Say Why He Doesn’t Support Reparations

I have no problem with Bernie Sanders stumbling on the question of reparations, it’s complicated and we are in uncharted waters so why wouldn’t he stumble? I do admire the fact Bernie Sanders immediately went to solutions, such as addressing the very high unemployment rate for African-Americans, especially the youth, the inequities in public education, fair housing practices and incarceration rates. Bernie Sanders may not have all of the answers, but he spends much of his time searching for solutions and answers instead of fielding the best way of serving his campaign corporate donors of which he has none; the American people are his donors and he is adamant about serving us. Bernie Sanders has spent a lot of time with Black Lives Matter activists and he is looking to build the most inclusive base in political history, he wants to represent all of us, not just some of us, so I find this article to be a bogus article especially with Chuck Todd asking the questions that provided fodder for the reportage.
Read the article:


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