This Election Needs Michael Bloomberg (Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle)

I disagree with Robert Kuttner’s assessment of Bernie Sanders, clearly Kuttner is in the HRC camp and doesn’t appreciate what Bernie Sanders is attempting to do, bring a political revolution not only to the presidential elections, but to elections across the board and activism everywhere. I do however agree with Kuttner’s disdain for another billionaire putting his two cents into the presidential race. When I read that Michael Bloomberg was contemplating another bid, my stomach sank because it may very well have a negative impact on Bernie’s chances according to Game Theory. I have to confess that is has been two decades since I studied Game Theory but I am fairly sure that Bloomberg’s participation would throw the election for a loop. I grew up in New York City and so I was there during Bloomberg’s mayoralty, I don’t see him as an extraordinary mayor, he made the city look wealthier and cleaner, but he did nothing for affordable housing, nothing for stronger public education and stop and frisk was under his watch so I am fairly unimpressed as to what he could offer our nation, aside from the fact that he is extremely concerned over climate change which I applaud, but he can do a lot as an activist, he doesn’t need to impose his billionaire mentality on us as a country. We need the direct opposite of wealthy thinking, we need a common man to lead us. #Bernie2016 
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