Federal Prisons Are In Crisis. Congress And The President Need To Step Up.

Our War on Drugs has gone sideways so terribly, it seems daunting to tackle. We not only have a private prison system, one which will fight tooth and nail to hang onto its profits, but we also have a school to prison pipeline system, well established in some states, that starts our criminal justice system very early in a child’s life; as an example of the problem’s severity, I believe a judge in PA was indicated for fraud and peddling minors into the prison system for kickbacks. Government bureaucracies and private corporate bureaucracies function in similar fashion when they are presented with abrupt change, it takes a long time for the changes to trickle down from top level management to the bottom tiers. In order for changes to make sense and be incorporated as it obviously needs to be done, I believe the onus must be put upon congress and the Department of Justice, they must work in a united fashion to rewrite the scheduling of drugs and the relevant sentencing so states and federal laws run parallel, that in and of itself would go a long way to streamlining the process of emptying many of our prisons. I applaud Bernie Sanders for keeping prison reform in constant focus throughout his primary campaign, he also calls out the immorality of the fact that young African-Americans are being jailed for marijuana while bankers are free even after committing fraud against the nation. Bernie Sanders is leading us in the right direction in reference to prison reform and stopping the Drug War, he is on the right side of history on this issue and all secondary and tertiary aspects related to prison reform. We need Bernie Sanders in the White House.
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