Gov. Jerry Brown Is Trying To Reverse A Draconian Sentencing Law He Signed

California is often the United States social, economic and political laboratory, I hope Governor Brown is successful with his initiative because the inmates in California have been through a lot, from abuses and hunger strikes to overcrowding. I have read several articles pertaining to the explosive level of crime in the 1970’s and its link to lead in the environment at the time, combine that with our government’s declaration of war on drugs and we have set the stage for an unmanageable prison system. I believe that releasing rehabiliatated prisoners and non-violent offenders makes sense because we are living in a time of low crime and a new direction in our drug policy, we owe it to our society to revisit the way we treat our offenders and their sentencing. I’m glad that Bernie Sanders is very strong on this issue, actually he is very strong on all issues, he has had a lot of time to hone his positions and think through his platform. #Bernie2016
Read the article:


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