Donald Trump Admits He Says Horrible Things Just To Keep People Interested In Him

One says outrageous things to get attention when one is a teenager, not a grown man or woman, to do otherwise is to look foolish or pathetic. However in Trump’s case, I would also extend my analysis to the audience as well, for giving him the attention he so desperately seeks. In elections past, I remember primaries being the arena where you veered hard to the more extreme to capture your base and then you rediscovered normalcy when you campaigned in the general election, once the primary was won. This year, I don’t think anyone will be going back to center or can even picture going back to center, because the electorate isn’t interested in normal on the Republican side of the equation. Republican Party voters have woken up and realized that their party has been working with corporate America for a very long time to shutter them out of economic security, however I don’t think they know what to look for when it comes to leadership or hope according to their values, which is why they are primed for a Trump candidacy, Trump is so outside of business as usual in Washington D.C that republican voters can overlook many, many sins, the first one is Trump being a billionaire who takes advantage of the system to continue getting the most while contributing the very least, it escapes all of his supporters and that is irony at its very saddest.
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