Bernie Sanders Exploits Hillary Clinton’s Flaws In A Way Most Republicans Can’t

My support overwhelmingly goes to Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton is my second choice, only because she outperformed poor Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders has held executive responsibility as mayor, he served very effectively in congress and also in the senate, He has a lot more experience than Hillary Clinton. Bernie also know how to go bold, he knows how to pragmatically compromise and he knows how and when to stand firm. Hillary Clinton may be the queen of keeping Wall Street happy, but we don’t need that right now, we need to focus on Main Street and reverse the handouts and the incentives that have gone to Wall Street and redirect them to Main Street where they will go to better use. Bernie Sanders is the right choice for President and he has clearly told us time and time again that his presidency will only work if we do our fair share and keep our Political revolution strong and focused, we have got to get to the voting booths and put progressive candidates into office, it is our civic duty to help our President when he calls on us.
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