Hillary, the Banksters Committed ‘Fraud,’ Not ‘Shenanigans’

I didn’t appreciate Hillary’s tone with Bernie during the Town Hall debate, she went after him hard for campaign ads that were critical of politicians who accepted campaign donations from Wall Street and Big Business, in my view she overreacted especially when she called them innuendos and nameless smears, a spade is a spade. I have read her transcripts and listened to her words and she is living in a fantastical banking world when she asserts that she strongly called Wall Street to the mat and demanded that they stop their “shenanigans”. I realize that Bernie Sanders sadly voted for the 2000 modern futures and commodities act, although in his defense, it was inserted as a poison pill in a must pass omnibus bill. However he was correct in reminding people to go to YouTube to see the most excellent takedown over that piece of legislation against Alan Greenspan all at the hands of Bernie Sanders, he has the visible and audible proof that he has always been on the right side of banking, along with Elizabeth Warren, they want it to be boring again, not like Hillary Clinton, who with her husband, were on board with the neoliberalization of Wall Street and our economy is a whole. Moreover I would never call Hillary and Bill Clinton progressive, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, yes and our President, sometimes yes and sometimes no. What Hillary said about Bernie Sanders was uncalled for, he has never made himself into the progressive police, the most important thing about progressivism is how you see yourself in it. Bernie Sanders is a progressive and that’s all he is concerned with, how he can use his progressivism to best serve others.
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