Here’s Obama’s $1.8 Billion Plan To Fight Zika Virus

If climate change weren’t at the forefront of our new future, President Obama probably wouldn’t be calling for taxpayers to bankroll another tropical disease vaccine, which of course means research and devolpment, massive testing and analysis in order to produce said vaccine, tropical diseases never lure private pharmaceutical companies because the rate of return is too slow and too small. But alas climate change is here to stay, our planet is getting some pieces cooked, while other bits are being frozen or a crazy mixture of the two. Either way, until we get a handle on climate change, we had better figure out how to manage all of the interdependent pieces that effect us all; agriculture, pollution, refugees and disease. Since we sadly put a lot of eggs in very few huge pharmaceutical baskets, many of us are struck with less than ideal outcomes. We should have harnessed the great minds and curiosity of our medical schools to get research and development going on the less sexy and financially lucrative diseases a long time ago, however I’m glad that President Obama isn’t letting any dust settle on this latest outbreak. We need to stop waiting for the other shoe to drop, we need to get out in front of climate change and all of its ramifications, if we still want to have a human civilization worth writing about, at least in my opinion. 
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