Obama Sends Final Budget Proposal To Congress

President Obama has not disappointed me in the least during his second term, he hasn’t acted as a lame duck president, not at all, and we should be grateful to him for the respect shown by him to the Office and the Seal. His budget is a reflection of his values, so we shouldn’t be shocked what is in the document, which is an extension of his moral compass. It pains me to know that no matter how long he thought it over, how many hours he pushed his team on crunching the numbers methodically and assiduiosly, it will be thrown around the congress without the respect it deserves. I am sure that when they debate between the Presidet’s budget and the others generated from Paul Ryan’s office, the Republican Party will push the President’s budget out of the way, to walk the Republican Party’s vision of America into the chamber and vote it right through to the Oval Office. It will be vetoed of course, but everyone who works there will know that it was all an exercise in futility and they will accept it. Instead of actually taking their vows of office seriously, they are playing games with our monetary, judicial and societal way of being. We deserve more. 
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