Civil Rights Hero John Lewis Isn’t Impressed By Bernie Sanders’ Activism

Is Rep John Lewis saying that Bernie Sanders photo-shopped his face into pictures? I have seen the pictures of Bernie Sanders in Chicago, at the University before he was arrested for political activism, and the pictures of Bernie a little bit aways from Doctor King, but I believe Bernie Sanders accounts for his actions and his beliefs. Why is it so difficult for those who are supporting Hillary Clinton to give credit to Bernie Sanders for his own good deeds? It doesn’t take away from Hillary Clinton if you recognize another candidates humanity. I hope Bernie Sanders will remember to explain to everyone that Medicare for All isn’t a fantasy, it is very much doable since we have the mechanisms in place, those insurance companies were so quick to put all of its members into computerized systems that we have the algorithms and the spread sheets necessary to get the data into placement it is doable. Moreover as long as Bernie Sanders reminds the young people that if many countries in Europe can afford to have not only their young people enroll for free and also allow for foreign enrollment, there is no way our young people will not put two and two together, we ourselves are holding us back. Of course we can make it happen, we must hold the rich accountable and change our knee jerk negative thinking. That is why I am voting for Bernie, he isn’t negative in the least.
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    I liked what one commenter said: Hillary was campaigning for Goldwater at the time (at least in 1964)!

    1. That would be rich in irony. LOL

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