Treatments can take an unexpected turn

 This is my view while I get my two hour infusion, it’s pretty during the winter, what with the snow and its white contrast against the very colorful mural painted against that high wall. I won’t see it much during spring because HA I’ll be done with chemo. Good for me!!!

My portal for my chemo infusions got slightly infected, so not only did I have to get it taken out, but I have to stay overnight at the hospital for observation. My hospital room is lovely, it could pass for a Holiday Inn but with better service, the nurses as always are wonderful. I’ll be back home tomorrow I think? I hope. It depends on what type of infection they find my blood cultures.

I’m not worried, I’ll be getting the best of care from my nurses.



  1. Thanks for sharing a little window into your life. Thoughts with you as you go through your treatment. Glad you’ll be done in the spring!!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment!

    2. Thanks for your words You keep me going with your kindness

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