My Choice: Justice Elizabeth Warren. Right now

What a brilliant idea, I have always been of the mind that senator Elizabeth Warren’s talents and intelligence were better served in the senate but perhaps I was thinking too small. She would be a fantastic Supreme Court Justice, who in their right mind can deny her accomplishments, her credentials and her amazing intelligence? She should be first on the very short list of Supreme Court Justice candidates, she would make the institution proud and add another female point of view in a male dominated legal profession.
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    A good exercise would be weighing where she would do more good: in the Senate, crafting the laws, or in the Supreme Court, where very important cases have been coming lately.

    It looks, though, like Obama may appoint a moderate, someone the Republicans confirmed for lower court positions. If the Republicans get obstructionist, Obama can ask why they confirmed the judge for the lower court, but don’t want that judge for the Supreme Court. Then, they’ll look bad. That’s just my impression, from the list of people they talked about on the news.

    1. Excellent analysis James, my personnel preference being getting a great person for the position.

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