GOP Obstruction of Obama Court Nomination — Radical, Without Precedent — With a Big Political Price

Whomever backs and believes this Republican batch of candidates has either never studied American History in elementary school or has become so lazy with their myopic worldview that they will accept anything their leaders say or do. I see the Republican Party constituents as a bunch of lazy, hateful and bigoted people who wil accept anyone in power as long as their rhetoric satisfies their own need for a certain violent and bigoted “leader” who will “fight” for them at Wall Street. The facts are clear and simple in this case, President Obama has the blessing of the constitution to pick and submit for selection a few candidates, the Selection committee does their due diligence and then the Selection Committee have other hearing whereas the candidates are either confirmed or denied. That is how the process works and it has worked for over 200 hundred years, however depending on which aisle you occupy, you might disapprove, but that still doesn’t give you the right to obstruct our governmental process. If any of you hold the ideas of privacy, women productive rights, union collective bargaining and other wonderful rights to be important, it is in your best interest to fight for our democracy and hold our constitution up to the light for all and not just for the few.
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