Ted Cruz Rises Above Donald Trump In NBC/WSJ National Poll

I lost all respect for political polling when they first announced Donald Trump as the leader of the pack. I then remembered that normal polling results are out of fashion in this day and age. Millenials aren’t picking up the phone, they are tweeting, they are on Face Book and they are everywhere else aside from sitting next to a stationary phone. Millenials also aren’t sitting in any one place watching those carbon copy morning shows. This morning I caught Ted Cruz on CNN, speaking to the challenge of the week, who to nominate to the Supreme Court, and of course he spent a lot of political capital arguing that our President didn’t deserve the right to determine who would be our next Supreme Court Justice. For all of the clever nuanced differences that Cruz summons up at a drop of a hat between himself and Trump, when you look at the totality of his statements, Cruz is Trump but only less orange. Moreover, Ted Cruz plays to the older voters so there is no way that millenials will ever latch onto his message. What makes me so angry is his insolent dismissal of a great man such as President Obama. Of course President Obama will pick the next Supreme Court Justice, it is one of his duties as President; end of story. 
Read the article:



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