Maybe It IS a Single-Issue Election

I agree that this election is a one issue election which, as the article states, is income inequality. If we hadn’t had 7 years of non-stop obstructionism from the Republican Party, perhaps we would be in a much stronger place where income inquality wouldn’t be the huge issue it is today. The amount of debt, both public and personal, that the Republican Party has imposed on us is ridiculous and all of it is based on an ideology that relies on mystical math. Remember Dick Cheney said “deficits don’t matter” and Ronald Reagan championed supply-side economic or as George H.W Bush liked to call it before caving in to become Vice-President, “voodoo economics”. However I have to hand it to the Republican Party, obstructionism has served them and their constituents handsomely, which is why we have to, have to, heed Bernie Sanders and vote for him. He is the only one calling for a political revolution and political participation and we owe it to ourselves to try, really try to reverse our sad state of economic realities, graduate with debt, work under debt and probably die with debt. It doesn’t have to be that way. Vote for Bernie Sanders. #Bernie2016
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