RNC Chair Says ‘People Just Don’t Care’ About Reports Donald Trump Mistreated Women

Trump isn’t a new player, his record has been well reported over the decades in New York, how he has commandeered the Republican Party is beyond me. Trump does not stand for anything, he flip flops as quickly as the winds blow and he is the most thin-skinned individual I think I have ever seen on the public stage. What are his followers expecting if he won the office of the presidency? President of the United States is a far cry from being top dog in the boardroom, tact and diplomacy are key ingredients to leadership, I don’t see Trump being much of a leader, a bully yes, but an effective leader, no. All of this media coverage has depressed me, if ever I needed proof that our media is controlled by corporate America, their incessant, inane coverage of Trump 24/7 has only cemented the suspicion into fact. If people want to upend Washington D.C, then support Bernie Sanders and his political revolution, that would be sticking it to the man and doing some much needed good for our society.

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  1. I thought the NYT article on Trump’s long record of sexist behavior was done to counter the Trump campaign’s narrative about the Clintons’ marital problems and Bill’s checkered past, to neutralize that issue. Voters who are interested in more personal gossip issues might care. I don’t myself.

    1. I don’t put much stock in personal gossip, but with Trump his treatment of women reflects his treatment of everyone. In the construction industry, his reputation is purely garbage, he doesn’t pay his subcontractors, he doesn’t honor his obligations, there are few who want to work with him. Years ago Merv Griffin made a royal fool out of Trump over the acquisition of an Atlantic City casino, it was easy to do because of Trump’s narcissism, we don’t need that in the Oval Office. Like I said, if you want to make a difference, vote Bernie Sanders, that would make a huge difference.

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