3 Dysfunctional Ways We’ve Adapted To The Hell Of The 24/7 Workplace

Our society is devolving into two classes, the privileged and the non-privileged where the majority are non-privileged and thus subject to the whims and dictates of the privileged class. When we accepted Reaganomics, we accepted a war on unions, an embrace to the idea of privatization at the expense of the public weal and an adoption of a service economy at the cost of solid manufacturing jobs. We perhaps shouldn’t be shocked at the state of affairs of what used to be a robust middle class, we left the principles that protected the ladder of opportunity and possibility vulnerable to dismantlement by corporate America. We need to look to companies such as Costco who have made every effort to pay their workers just wages, provide benefits and a stable working environment. Instead of suffering economically, Costco does very well for themselves despite being a progressive company. One option available to us is Bernie Sanders and his political revolution, his ideas may be the cure to what ails our economy.

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