The Senate Is Finally Moving Emergency Funds To Fight Zika

I’m surprised the republicans are slow to answer the call to action, the Zika virus impacts unborn babies, their favorite constituents, so I would think they would put them at the head of the line when it comes to funding. I understand that existing people would be denied help, once a person is born, in the republican mindset, if you aren’t born to wealthy parents, you are on your own, but in the Zika virus case, it is the fetus who is at risk and we can’t have that. I realize that investing in the public welfare goes against every ideological grain the Republican Party holds near and dear, but at the end of the day, is their ideology worth destroyed lives? That is the real question, how far can ideology carry you when its outcome results in poorer and more unhappy families? My quest for the answer keeps me reading publication after publication in the hopes of understanding why the republican base continues to vote against the economic self-interest and all I find is that fear and judgement make for stronger bonds than empathy and understanding, something I cannot comprehend whatsoever. I fear that the day the republican base comes to some understanding that we are stronger together, it will be too late.
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