Democrats Can’t Unite Unless Wasserman Schultz Goes!

I am just surprised that Debbie Wasserman-Shultz isn’t politically savvy enough to see the writing on the wall, liberals and progressives are sick and tired of being ignored by Washington D.C and accepting big money is tantamount to betrayal of the ordinary American. The Democratic Party has historically been the average person’s party and the average person’s economic expectations hasn’t changed since the Eisenhower years, affordable healthcare, affordable education, affordable housing, basically a way of life that is affordable to the average person. Unfortunately as we see in the case of Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, the Democratic Party itself has morphed into something completely divorced from its mission statement, it may have taken a few decades for the people to revolt, but they are doing so right now and if Debbie Wasserman-Shultz can’t or won’t take her cue from the people she is charged with serving, she then must be voted out of office. During the 1970’s the Democratic Party took a wrong turn when it tried to counter the Republican Party’s influence by accepting Wall Street’s money, that in my opinion was the beginning of the end for the Democratic Party, the Party leadership should have been more circumspect in their loyalties, you can’t work for the average person if you are beholden to Wall Street for campaign contributions, it is only logical. What I hope happens is that Bernie Sanders’ campaign progresses into a real revolution helping progressives into the House and the Senate, we are desperate for more progressive representation.
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