This State Says It Can Automatically Register Voters Without Legislative Approval

Considering that the Republican Party has been on a tear over voter fraud since it seems President Obama took office, it is a welcome sight when you see more states come on board through their own initiatives to register their residents to vote, more than just a right, but a civic duty if one thinks about it, as important as jury duty in the discharge of our democracy and our constitution. The fact that in West Virginia, automatic voter registration came through a bipartisan effort gives me pause to extend hope for the other republican dominated states, perhaps they too will reach out to the democratic colleagues to get their voters into the 21st century, one can only cross our fingers and hope. I am not saying that citizens shouldn’t petition their lawmakers on their own to hasten the passage of such laws or such actions between the state capital and other state agencies in order to improve their voter registration, I am simply saying that even with much of the disheartening news of Trump’s candidacy, there are still islands of good news in our system politique, if we look for it.
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