Domino’s Accused Of Fraud and ‘Systemic Wage Theft’ By New York State

Unfortunately we cannot look to Congress to protect worker’s economic interests no matter how those interests would make for a stronger economy. I don’t understand why the concept of putting more money earned from hard work into their wallets is anathema to the Republican Party. They have no problem using the same wording, though applying it to tax revenue which weakens our government by denying our government the funds to support vital social insurance programs that ironically help the majority of the republican base. Corporate America has shown itself to be ill-suited to economic issues, they mistakenly believe that starving and exploiting their workers results in more profit, au contraire their unconscionable labor practices make for greater employee turnover which costs a lot in the long run. Costco is a company that treats its workers with dignity and respect while making great profits, the Container Store is another example of great labor practices which translates easily into great and steady profits. Workers, with our current Congress, will be forced to hope that other Attorney Generals will be as courageous as Eric Schneiderman in going after bad actors in corporate America. New York State workers are indeed lucky to have him as their champion, I hope there are other prosecutors as courageous in most of the United States, workers would do a lot better if that were the case.
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