Texas, 10 Other States Sue Obama Administration Over Transgender Bathroom Access

It angers me to no end that with all of the serious economic, public policy and foreign policy issues we face at this time, certain politicians and states choose to focus on “bathroom security” based on prejudicial beliefs. I have been looking for articles dealing with important legislation being written, if only to get away from the presidential election debacle, but instead of substantative issues being addressed, I read about bigotry and prejudice against a population that has been treated abominably, resulting in murders and suicides. Transgender people should have the right and it should be a no-brainer to use the facilities that reflect their gender identity at the time, not what it was in the past. You cannot ask someone who is transitioning to enter a bathroom that used to be compatible with the gender they left behind, that would be so traumatic for the transgender person and the others sharing the bathroom. Why does it seem that empathy and sensitivity are alien concepts to some republican politicians?
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