Sanders vs. Clinton: Electability and the Future of the Democratic Party

I wonder how much Sanders has suffered from the media blackout, if he had been treated equally by the news media since the beginning and not abruptly dismissed out of hand, could he have won the votes and the delegates that instead went to Clinton? Did voters vote for Clinton only because the chatter on mainstream media told everyone that only Clinton was a viable candidate, that Sanders didn’t have a chance? Perhaps if mainstream media would have been more open-minded about the viability of a Sanders candidacy we would be having a different conversation. I am seriously worried about Clinton’s weakness as a presidential candidate, Trump’s catch phrase “crooked Hillary” flows too easily off the tongue and that is a problem. Moreover Clinton almost guarantees more of the same, a respect for the status quo and those who are searching for an alternative to the status quo will be very disappointed with a Clinton presidency, she doesn’t have the vision of fundamental change across the board like Sanders is campaigning for, he wants a return to the New Deal and the Great Society, something that I agree with wholeheartedly. I will vote for the democratic nominee even if it is Clinton, it just makes me sad to do so because I fundamentally see the wisdom in Sanders’ words and his vision. The 99% are desperate for change, not what President Obama was promising, but more along the lines of a reclamation of the dignity and respectability of what American based jobs should be about, a means to improving your lot, not just by education but also through your work experience, we need to remind the 1% that we have value, not only in terms of productivity but also in spite of it, labor has been ignored for too long and capital has to address labor’s worries and concerns.
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