Friday’s Morning Email: Obama’s Historic Hiroshima Visit

So Congress, led by the Republican Party, decided to take a two week break instead of knuckling down to the task of finding a compromise, in other words a workable solution, to prepare the United States for the upcoming mosquito season and the threat of the Zika virus. As we have seen with the insane lines at airports throughout the nation, more Americans are traveling these days than before, which increases the chances for the spread of any disease, much less a new virus to our nation such as Zika. This bad behavior from the Republican Party comes on the heels of their failure to pass a water safety and energy spending bill because of language regarding LGBT community, I am disgusted that the entire Republican Party fundamentally believes it is okay to trample on the rights of people who are different from them. We are better because of our differences, the key is to be open-minded to differences, it isn’t that difficult.
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