Judge Criticized By Trump Unseals Documents In Trump University Case

This lawsuit was brought about by former students, who were cheated by Trump and his promises, they found validation from New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who presented it to court where a judge found merit to the case, a simple case of players following proper procedure. Trump is trying to garner sympathy, not by examination of fact, but by whining and lamenting woe if me, the judge is of the other. Trump’s entire platform is all about scapegoating those who are at risk, without power, without means to defend themselves, what kind of leadership is that? A capable leader is one who leads by example, who wouldn’t put those in less fortunate circumstances at risk and who seeks to unite in common cause. Our common cause should be us the people, we are stronger together, no matter our differences. Trump, in his showmanship, is intent, as Republican politicians are wont to do, to set those who have been struggling so hard during these past three decades at war amongst each other, the better to keep them occupied so the 1% can do as they wish, cut their tax burden, expand their personal empires and live without economic accountability. I don’t understand how Trump supporters don’t see behind his theatrics. I am a Bernie Sanders supporter, in my mind he is the leader who will best reverse our economic trajectory and usher in a new economic paradigm, away from exploitation and disrespect. Labor needs to stand up for itself and demand to be treated with as much respect as capital and society needs to not only hear that call, but act upon it. The first step is to put Bernie Sanders in the White House and join his political revolution subsequent to his election because he can’t do it alone, he needs our support.
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