We’d Do Anything For Vets, Except Support Them In Politics

There quite a few Veterans organizations that not only help veterans on a daily basis but serve a strong role in activism on their behalf, personally I follow vote vets.org and I know that their organization is quite angry about the number of bills designed to help their fellow veterans ending up on the floor of the house, denied a vote or even a discussion. These bills were put forth by progressive politicians and had jobs, access to food, medical care and housing envisioned as outcomes, but of course since the house is dominated by the Republican Party, those bills were ignored. How do we explain the disconnect between actively seeking to send our nation into war or war-like situations, but when our men and women come back home after serving, they are forgotten about and pushed aside. Bernie Sanders has been single-minded in his message that if we are prepared to go to war and send our soldiers overseas, we have to be prepared to take care of them correctly when they come back home and that means reallocating our resources away from other things such as tax breaks for the wealthy and corporate America, in Bernie’s book the equation is very simple, you do the right thing and the right thing is to take care of our veterans.
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