Republicans Say They Finally Have a Health Care Alternative — But Don’t Count On It Working for You

I was one of those living with a pre-existing condition and I can assure you that the day pre-existing conditions were deemed discriminatory and unlawful was the day I felt relieved. I remember being denied coverage for my pregnancy back in the 1990’s because it had been considered as a pre-existing condition, now thanks to the ACA, pregnancies, mammograms and Pap smears are covered as part of WellCare, a responsible and cost saving measure. I challenge the Republican Party to craft an alternative, that aside from implementing single payer, would do as much good for our society as the ACA. The Republican Party, in the six years that the ACA has been the law of the land, have only cherry picked certain features that the private health insurance industry particularly hate, such as the risk corridor which had been installed in the legislation as a safety measure for insurance companies who had miscalculated their costs and would be reimbursed. The Republicans did away with it in the hopes to weaken the ACA from within since rising premiums was and is one of the reasons the ACA came into being. Six years is a long time to attack a law without offering anything to put in its place, I don’t see how the Republican Party can expect the American people to accept going back to the way things used to be and since that won’t happen, I am perplexed to their next move.
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