Stephen Hawking: Trump A Demagogue For ‘Lowest Common Denominator’

Actually, though Stephen Hawking acknowledges his cluelessness as to Trump’s appeal, he moves on to state that mankind’s biggest threat is climate change and therein lies the real danger with Trump, he is a climate change denier. Trump as president would try to get us out of the Paris climate accord, something that would be disastrous for our planet. Moreover who knows how much damage he would do to President Obama’s environmental legacy. We only have one planet, the Republican Party is relentless with their warnings of leaving our children and grandchildren with too much debt, these warnings are ridiculous, money and debt are man made constructs, we can choose to eradicate debt as public policy, we can choose to institute a basic income in our nation, we can write laws and as such determine our financial trajectory, but when it comes to our natural world we have immutable laws such as physics, gravity and in these we are subject to their will. Climate change is real and if we want to leave our children and grandchildren with a sustainable planet, we must elect politicians who respect the laws of nature and our relationship to those laws. Trump is most definitely not the right choice.
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