May’s Seriously Downbeat Jobs Report Puts Kibosh on Fed Rate Hike; Underscores Need for Deep Infrastructure Dive

I can’t stop wondering why we insist on hamstringing ourselves by electing politicians who refuse to rebuild this nation using all of our resources. Interest rates are so low, our government can take advantage of these rates to retrofit, reinvest and build from ground up infrastructure projects that could make some very big differences nationwide and yet congress sits around and does nothing. Well if you count constantly repealing the ACA, legislating access to bathrooms, women’s reproductive choices and whatever other piece of minutae that comes to mind as doing nothing, then you are in agreement with me. As I read through the Huffington Post, searching for articles related to real legislation coming into fruition, I came away empty handed as has been the case for the past few weeks. We are being done a great disservice with all of this insane focus on the presidential election, there is a lot of business to be taken care of in the right here, right now and no one is holding congress’ feet to the fire. I understand that the Republican Party’s ideological stance is to deny the right of government to intervene in anything that might promote economic growth, for fear that action may very well prove that government can do for society what the private sector and individuals cannot on their own, but we on the left should be a constant thorn in their side. We need to remind our democratic politicians that they need to fight harder, smarter and louder in order to wake people up to the idea that we can get infrastructure projects off the ground with the government’s involvement. We have such economic power sitting idly by, imagine if we could harness our collective economic might, the things we can accomplish, it would be amazing!
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