Social Movements Matter: The Untold Story of the Democratic Primaries

At a time in history where money is playing an inappropriate role in politics, social movements are proving to be crucial in giving ordinary people the sense that their voices matter, their lives have value and they have power to effect change. I know that to most, OccupyWallStreet may have seemed to be mainly an exercise in futility, but Occupy spawned other movements that have successfully helped Americans at risk from shenanigans perpetrated by banks such as illegal foreclosures, activists literally “occupied” homes at risk of fraudulent foreclosures due to robosigning and other sketchy maneuvers, helping thousands of homeowners and that is a big deal. Moreover OccupyWallStreet morphed into other branches such as OccupySEC, a working group aimed at developing regulations and proposals for instituting much needed oversight at the SEC to reverse the deregulatory trend dated since the 1970’s. Their proposals have been taken into account and had impact on legislation such as Dodd-Frank, no small feat. Social movements are crucial when it comes to holding our elected officials accountable and also to keep them engaged with what ordinary people need, those who don’t have money to communicate their needs, only their vote and our vote is the only weapon we have to direct our democracy in the direction that best serves our needs. Democracy isn’t a passive entity, it is a participatory process and we all need to be engaged, no more sidelines for us.
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