Silence = Death

Our fourth estate has been derelict in its responsibilities since the corporatisation of media, I have long said every morning the corporate memo comes down from on high, distributed to every network, parroted by each anchor to distract and scare people. There is no substance to t.v news, we are lucky if we get important investigative journalism in print, the dollars aren’t there anymore to support actual impartial journalism which is the entire purpose of the fourth estate. I understand Trump sort of presents a phenomena in his meteoric rise in the polls, he has unleashed a nascent ugliness that has, it seems, to have been searching for an outlet and Trump ignited the spark. However, what I see is that there lies a brilliant alternative to Trump, in the person of Bernie Sanders, Sanders represents a break in establishment politics, like Trump, however Sanders represents a coming together of the 99%, a sense of hope and possibility in our power as a unified front, so why the media blackout to Sanders which lies in direct opposition to the non-stop Trump coverage? Again I blame the corporatisation of the media, Bernie Sanders message is a danger to the status quo, where Trump’s agenda, though he embodies every single negative quality and he is divisive, he doesn’t present a danger to the 1%, he is one of them and how his followers don’t see that is beyond my comprehension. I haven’t read anything that signals any hope with journalism and its lack of investigative responsibility, so I don’t see how things will change in the near future which is quite depressing.
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