It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

Bernie Sanders has been a consistent advocate of working people, the LGBT community, veterans and underdogs everywhere since he went into politics some thirty years ago. Today he may not win the democratic nomination, but he and his supporters have shaped the narrative despite the media blackout. I have noticed that Hillary Clinton’s message has changed or evolved in concert with Bernie’s platform. She has changed her tune with regard to the minimum wage, the TPP and the TPPIP, in my opinion her plans for veterans, the environment and foreign policy could stand for several more shoves to the left. If we let Bernie Sanders continue his campaign until the final stage in July when the super delegates are finally allowed to vote then perhaps we will see continued movement towards progressivism from Hillary, goodness knows she needs to move to the left especially in terms of foreign policy. We should all adhere to Bernie’s philosophy, war should be the last resort and we should only engage if we are prepared to correctly take care of our veterans after all is said and done. We have a horrible habit of excluding veterans in the economic analysis of war planning, that needs to stop. Bernie Sanders is such an important figure in politics right now and we need to show his campaign and his message the proper respect it deserves.
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