How Hillary Can Join the Revolution

Since I am not economist, I find myself at a disadvantage when it comes to forcefully debating economic theory, but I do command a fair degree of common sense and between voraciously reading all types of political and economic texts and my own experience, I have concluded that our nation operates better when behaves as a stakeholder nation, not just individually but on the corporate level as well. It seems to me that when corporations moved into the global stream, they were able to divorce themselves not only physically, but patriotically away from the ties that bind a company to its home. Corporations don’t really have a home nowadays, they search for domiciles that are the least demanding in terms of tax liability. Corporate patriotism is long dead which is detrimental to the social contract which historically operated under an individual and corporate partnership, back in the 1950’s, the corporate share of the tax revenue stream was 30%, helpful for infrastructure projects and funding education at every level. These days, we see huge corporations getting federal tax refunds so all of the tax burden falls to the individual, something which I believe is unsustainable if we seek to remain competitive in anything. In my mind, corporations have become voracious parasites, unwilling to invest back into the communities from which they leach productivity and profits. Hillary Clinton needs to shed her corporate democrat agenda and embrace much of Bernie Sanders 99% economic stakeholder platform, it would be very good for the people and the country
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