The Koch Brothers Are Trying To Handpick Government Officials. We Have To Stop Them.

I wish our media would do more than just react to ratings, this post is of such importance if, for example you are one of the millions of seniors who depend on social security as the lifeline that keeps poverty at bay, we should be informed by our news media as to the latest Koch shenanigans because with the amount of money they pour into politics it rates being news worthy. I realize that the Republican Party has, since Social Security’s inception, been staunchly against the program solely due to ideological beliefs despite both factual and anecdotal evidence that proves Social Security’s importance to American lives and its self-funding does not impact the United States general fund, Social Security relies on FICA taxes, making it a working person’s program, perhaps that’s why Wall Street and the Koch brothers are completely against it, there is no financialization to it, no “free market” manipulation; that must drive Wall Street crazy. I have read that the Koch brothers, in their desire to impose their libertarian ideals onto American society, have strategically invested their money in ways that would infect and impact government at all levels, strangling government efficacy from within, diabolical if you ask me. If there is a lesson to be learned, it should be citizen participation is vital every day and it needs to be done from the ground up, we need to stop being part-time participants.
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