Bernie Sanders’ Digital Team Launches Job Site For Out-Of-Work Progressives

This is a brilliant idea and it’s nice to see that Bernie Sander’s supporters learn from other’s past mistakes, I’m alluding to President Obama’s grassroots organization, they left the ball on the playing field after President Obama won instead of keeping the ball in play to keep progressive goals alive and well. Bernie Sanders has said from day one of his campaign that this is to be a political revolution and it was to be bigger than any one person, however I hope that Bernie’s supporters will remember lessons from the Occupy movement as well, a leader or at least a face needs to be associated with a movement if only to give people a personal connection, I think that the Occupy movement was rudderless and went adrift too easily, though the offshoots from the movement have been effective, unfortunately most wouldn’t know it thanks to our corporate media. I am talking about the OccupyHomes movement, those activists who helped hundreds of homeowners fight against illegal foreclosures imposed by the big banks and the OccupySEC, the group of former Wall Street employees who banded together to write massive amounts of regulations, many of which were adopted by the SEC to police Wall Street activity. I hope these examples of effective activism will help direct Bernie Sanders’ supporters in their quest to make a difference in terms of income inequality, the financialization of our overall economy, student loan debt, health care insurance and the “gig” economy. I also think Bernie Sanders supporters need to take a page out of the Tea Party’s playbook, focus on local elections and move up the ladder from there, the Republican Party has been hard at work for years filling local political offices with candidates and they have been very successful in shaping economic and social issues in their favor. Progressives need to be very aggressive to make up for a lot of lost ground, it will be a tough road toward shaping the political discourse back into something that makes sense for Main Street.
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